Art Direction/Ad Campaign Strategy: Cyndi Murray, Grace Hayes, Samantha Chapman, Hannah Tanner
Brand Identity: Cyndi Murray, Grace Hayes, Samantha Chapman, Hannah Tanner
Logomark: Hannah Tanner, Grace Hayes
Illustrations: Samantha Chapman, Grace Hayes
Motion Graphics: Hannah Tanner
Copywriting: Cyndi Murray
Packaging System/Unboxing Experience: Hannah Tanner, Grace Hayes, Samantha Chapman, Cyndi Murray
Digital Experience: Cyndi Murray, Samantha Chapman, Hannah Tanner
Photography courtesy of and
With all-natural beauty and self-care products trending, there’s an increasing concern for how safe our hygiene products are. Many people are moving away from aluminum-based antiperspirants, as well as baking soda and artificial fragrances. We needed to position Lume as the only all-natural, all-over, pre-odorant formula among other deodorants in the market.​​​​​​​
Lume is in the unique position to widen their reach. With more a bold and humorous voice and visual approach Lume can easily differentiate themselves from the rest while reaching a young, adventurous crowd. Lume never wants to make their audience feel shame around their stink, in fact, they shouldn’t have to worry about it at all.
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