Old Chicago with SPB Hospitality 
Old Chicago host Mini Tour's in their restaurants throughout the year, and they usually each run for about a month. They highlight select beers (5-10), cocktails, and featured menu items to incentive customers to join the loyalty program and earn a free shirt by completing the your. Mini Tours need to match the brand aesthetic of Old Chicago while also having it's own look and feel. A variety of print materials need to be produced; table tents, posters, banners, and t-shirts. Digital assets such Email pods, social ads, and web assets need to be created. 
This Mini Tour needed to be centered around summer, beach, and beer, so the marketing team decided on a "Roadtrip" theme.​​​​​​​ I began by gathering inspiration from traditional maps, polaroids, and travel scrapbooks. The lockup went through many rounds of iterations to get just right. The overall look and feel needs to appeal to the loyal customers of Old Chicago, while also drawing in a new type of customer that will join the loyalty program. I took all photography and designed all materials start to finish in a 1.5 week timeline. 
Poster Design
Banner Outside Restaurant
Table Tent - Rewards Sign Up
Table Tent - Menu Items
CTA phrase
Email Pods - Sent at different times throughout the tour
Web Page Banner
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